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This is a blog about Jerrick Dela Rosa and his raw denim journeys. 100% dedicated to raw denim and its ability to change over time! Raw denim enthusiasts, Enjoy!
~ Sunday, August 24 ~

Anonymous said: I just picked up my first pair of apcs (ps) the other day and have a question. I feel I sized correctly and love the overall fit of them besides one thing.. They are tight in thighs for my liking. Will the thighs stretch a little? If so how long does this usually take? Just wear them?

Hey there! Thanks for the question and congrats on your pair of APC’s! You got it exactly! The thighs naturally do stretch out due to the main stress points on your legs, which one of them are the thighs. Just wear the denim and let’s say if you wear them everyday, you could see some stretch within 2 weeks max typically!


~ Thursday, March 6 ~

Anonymous said: Approximately how many wears before APC jeans stop stretching? In your opinion, does knee bulge indicate that you've sized your jeans too tight? Can you minimize/repair knee bulge after it's happened?

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to ask a question!

Jeans in general stop stretching at the point when your waist stops applying tension to the waist line of the jean. This goes for anywhere else; thighs, knees etc. which is why I highly suggest buying denims smaller just so your body can mold the denim accordingly. The stretching process all depends upon the amount of wear you put into your jeans and what you do in them daily. 

Knee bulge is something that I’m personally not bothered by. It’s a natural occurrence you knees do to the denim by bending your knees, kneeling down etc. It’s not something you should be worried about tbh.

Just wear them jeans! It’s what they are there for!

~ Thursday, April 11 ~

Anonymous said: I'm trying to decide on Petit Standard APC's or finding some slim fit Naked and Famous denim. Any suggestions?

Try Naked & Famous WeirdGuy fit! It’s a slim jean with a slight taper from the knee down!


frenchbazaar said: Hey Jerrick, I love what you did your APC jeans, I just bought a raw denim from Acne and I was wondering if I could do the same work with them? I don't really like the fit of the Petit Standard on me, that's why I bought the Acne raw denim jeans..

Thanks man! Honestly, it’s just wear and tear! You’ll never have the exact same jean as someone else! If you wear your denim and do literally anything in them, you could expect some decent results! Enjoy!


coleallan7787 said: Hey there, looking to get my first pair of raw denim. I'm 5'10" and about 135 lb, so I'm looking for something pretty slim but not skin tight. Was thinking of getting some Petit Standard APC's, but was wondering if there was something else you would prefer? Thanks

Hey! Petit Standards are generally skinny, depending on how much you size down. If you want more of a slim straight fit, then stay true to size, or size up one. Naked & Famous WeirdGuy cut is a good slim fit jean as well. It tapers at the knee for more if a proportioned look. Try em out, and good luck!

~ Monday, November 19 ~


Chris Nordyke asks:

I’m interested in getting my first pair of raw denim jeans. Man, it’s hard to choose though. I’m not a skinny guy. 6’1” and 210 lbs. I have a round butt and I’m finding that a lot of these straight slim jeans won’t fit my butt and more muscular legs/calves. 
Looking for a slightly more relaxed straight leg jean with a button fly and lower rise. Any tips?

Well Chris, there plenty of choices of raw denim that offer a more relaxed fit. What have you tried? What didn’t work out? Naked & Famous has a new cut called the RegularGuy that you can find on their official webshop named Tate & Yoko. There you can find numerous japanese denim brands form Momotaro, Naked & Famous and many more! Do some research on some fits and different brands! Also, check out this denim blog: Rawr Denim. This blog has many articles and is a vital reference guide for any raw denim head new and old. They cover denim care, brands and even a Fade Friday event where users submit worn out jeans and get featured on the site every friday!

Be ready to discover a new world of creativity, my friend. Raw denim has been an addiction for me for the past 4 years and I fall even more in love with every new pair. If this gets to you, please leave me a message and let me know what you find!

Good luck!

~ Monday, October 29 ~

stinkytofuyeah said: i have a pair of tapeted nudies and was planning to get a pair of apcs, what fit is most close in terms or fit to the tapeteds?

APC’s fits are quite different from Nudie. How you want your APC’s to fit depends solely on the size you buy. Sizing down in the Petit Standard would give you something similar to a Tape Ted. It won’t have the low yoke though. You could try sizing down in the New Cure fit as well. Take some time and try them on to find a proper fit. Let me know what works out!

~ Sunday, September 23 ~

harryjamesjohn said: Hey man, how much have you sized down to get your petite standards? I'm usually a 30/31 and can't decide between getting a 28 or 29

I’m normally a 29, so I sized down to a 27 surprisingly! Honestly, it’s all on how you want the jean to fit and it depends on your comfort level. If you are willing to have a jean that’s fit to you, smaller the better but it takes some time to break in. Try both on and see what feels the best.

Best of luck and let me know how it goes!

~ Monday, August 13 ~

A.P.C Petit Standard Progression - 4 months of wear (approx.)

Finally, I came around to updating the status on these bad boys! I haven’t been wearing these as hard as I should due to recent pickups, and to be honest, boredom. Keep in mind these photos were taken yet again with an iPhone 4, but my parental units just got back from vacation, so I’ll have the camera once again.

As far as the actual denim goes, I’m really pleased at how the honeycombs in the back of the knee have broken in. My iPhone fade is coming in, and starting to tear at the corner due to a longboarding bail I had a couple months back, which should look pretty cool if it comes through. Speaking of tears, I have a minor hole peeping through right beneath the croth area from god knows what, so that may have to be patched if further agitated.

The reason I haven’t been wearing these lately is that a) rotating between my nudies due to boredom, and b) I recently picked up a pair of Nudie Selvage, which is particularily hard to find in the city. I plan to put my main focus on the two pieces of denim and I came up with a healthy rotation between them. One week on one, one week on the other just to keep the experience fresh.

Expect more from the blog pretty soon, as I still have to post on the Nudie Selvages and other things as well.

Thanks for reading, stay raw!

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~ Thursday, June 28 ~

Anonymous said: hey man, just a random question how are your apc's looking? thinking of coppin a pair soon

Good question! I’m actually planning an APC post pretty soon so photos will be up soon! But they are holding up pretty well, nearing up 4 months and they are looking great!